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Responsible Travel

Based on the edge of the beautiful Snowdonia National Park we are privileged to live and work in a beautiful environment. We want to help protect our planet for future generations, so at Dringo Adventure we are taking action by minimizing our impact on the environment and promoting Responsible Tourism.

We recognise there’s always more we can do, we’re working on that and we welcome your feedback. If you have any suggestions or comments regarding our Environmental and Responsible Tourism policy, please get in contact with us.

We will continue to:

Work to minimise the damaging environmental impacts of outdoor activities
- Avoid damage to sites and disturbance to wildlife.
- Abide by countryside access legislation, national guidelines and local agreements.
- Promote a better understanding of the wildlife, people and countryside of the regions we visit.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste
- Recycle at least 95% of office paper, waste glass, tins and plastic bottles.
- Reduce the amount of paper use by developing our website and electronic literature.
- Avoid the use of ‘disposable’ cups, plates and paper towels.

Help tackle climate change
- Encourage all of our clients to use car sharing or rail travel.
- Offset carbon dioxide emissions on our air travel by contributing to Climate Care who fund projects around the world to reduce greenhouse gases. Learn more at http://www.climatecare.org
- Buy only high performance light bulbs and the most energy efficient electrical appliances.

Support local communities
- Use local transport and services and employ local staff.
- Choose locally-owned accommodation.
- Actively promote long term relationships with our suppliers to provide long-term benefits for local communities.



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